Nike gift card balance

How do I check my Nike gift balance?

For checking the balance of your Nike credit card balance you may do one of these:


 Go to the Nike site and navigate to the gift card section. You should have the option to see your balance entering the gift card's number and pin.


Contact the Nike customer service phone number and follow their instructions to verify the balance of your gift card. Most likely, you'll need your gift card's number as well as PIN on the phone.


If you'd like to shop in-store to shop in the Nike retail shop and ask person on staff to check the balance of your gift card on your behalf. They'll help you with the check-out or at the customer service desk.

How do I check my Nike gift card balance online?

Check the balance of your Nike Gift Card online.

How do you check how much money you have on a Nike gift card?

You have several options to check the balance of your Nike Gift Card:

Online, visit the Nike site and click on "Gift Cards." You should be able to check your balance after entering the card number and PIN.

Phone number: To check the balance of your Nike gift card, you can dial Nike's Customer Service Number and follow their prompts. You can find the phone number on either the back or the Nike site.

In-store: You can ask the staff at a Nike retailer to do it for you. You should be able to get help at the customer service or checkout desk.

You'll need the PIN and gift card number, usually located on the back under the scratch-off section. You should then be able to see the remaining balance.

Where are the gift card number and PIN located?

Look at the backside of the gift card. You'll usually find a free number to dial to check your balance. You can also check your card's balance by visiting your card issuer's website and entering your 16-digit card number and security code. 

How do I activate my Nike gift card?

You can activate your Nike Gift Card by creating an account on the Nike Website. After creating an account, you can enter the gift card number, pin, and check-out page. Once your gift card is verified, it will become active and available. 

Where is the  Nike gift card number and PIN located?

The Nike Gift Card number will be printed at the bottom of the card. The personal identification number (PIN) can be found underneath the scratch-off panel at the back of a card. This panel will need to be scratched off to reveal your PIN.


Nike gift cards work as cash, and they can be utilized to purchase items on,, the Nike App as well as in Nike store locations. Nike gift cards can be purchased in the form of both digital and physical gift cards..

You can use the gift card to use it on

Who accepts Nike gift cards?

Nike gift cards can be used just like money to purchase items on and, as well as at Nike stores.